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 The project, “Three best things about me”,combined with a competition” The best job in the world.” It’s a competition for choosing a Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker. Every participant needed to create a one- minute video to promote themselves. We had to choose three of them and then make a poster to convince the others that they are the best.


We went to Taipei Story House and Discovery Center of Taipei.

Here are the pictures I took.

Taipei Story House


Discovery Center of Taipei

 “Dialogue with time” Hall “Dialogue with time” Hall“Dialogue with time” Hall

The newspaper I made.


A Day with Dad

Becky Brown’s parents are divorced. Becky spends every other weekend with her father, Mike. One Saturday, Becky and Mike decide to go to a beach, and there they get a surprise. Their former neighbors, the Simpsons, are unpacking the next car. What a coincidence! Everyone waves hello and decides to spend the day together. Mr. Simpson finds a spot for them on the crowded beach. During the day some people in the crowd sunbathe to get a tan. Other people swim and play in the water. Still others listen to the radio pr pick up shells. Becky covers Mike with sand. The Simpson’s son, Jimmy, builds a sand castle. Mrs. Simpson gets a sunburn. When everyone gets hungry, Mike puts on s chef’s hat and cooks hot dogs and hamburgers. Kites and birds fly over the picnic. The families eat and eat. Finally everyone cleans up, packs the cars, and says goodbye. Becky hugs Mike and falls asleep on the way home.

Activity A  Adding details to the paragraph

Activity B  Becky is an adult now. She remembers a favorite trip to the beach when she was a child. Write her story.

This is the story I wrote:

My parents are divorced. When I was a child, I spent every other weekend with my father, Mike. One Saturday, we wanted to go outdoors to spend our time because it was a sunny and beautiful day. As soon as we decided to go to the beach, we started to pack our stuff we need: swimming suit, hats, sunglasses and beach ball. I jumped excitedly into Dad’s old red car and got ready for the journey. After one hour, I saw the sea shining in front of me. I changed my clothes quickly then ran toward the beach.

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name so Dad and I turned around. To our surprise, it was our former neighbors, the Simpsons! They were unpacking the next car. It was a really long time we didn’t see each other but they didn’t change a lot. After a little chat, we decided to spend the day together. Mr. Simpson found a spot for us on the crowded beach. On the beach,   some people were playing beach volleyball; other people were swimming or sunbathing. The Simpson’s son, Jimmy, was building a sand castle. And what was I doing? I was playing sand with my dad. He lay down and was covered with sand. Of course, I did it. It was so much fun playing on the beach.

It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Everyone was so starving that could eat like a horse. Dad was good at cooking, so he put on a chef’s hat and prepared the barbeque as lunch for us. After few minutes, Dad placed the dishes on the table. There were beef, hamburgers and hotdogs…  Hmm…I still remember that smell. On the sea, the people on the boat were fishing. Kites and birds flew over the picnic. What a leisurely day!

The sky turned orange and the fascinating sunset attracted our eyes. It was time to go home. Everyone cleaned up, packed the cars, but the children, include me still didn’t want to go home. After all, it was a great day. Our parents kept rushing us to get on the cars. Finally, we gave up and got on the cars with disappointment. On the way home, I was too tired to do anything but sleeping. I hugged my dad and fell asleep on the car. When we got home, the sky was already dark. I was sleepy and exhausted but I wouldn’t forget that wonderful day with my dad. 

I was born in 1992; of course one of the big family stories that year is about my birth. My mom said that when they were in the hospital, I came to this world very quickly. They were so happy and they couldn’t wait to see me. She said I looked just like my father. I am 12 years younger than my sister, so everyone was so surprised but also very happy. I believe my sister was also very delighted that she got such a little sister.

Lots of relatives came to visit me and joined the feast celebrating the first month of my life. I didn’t remember at all for sure, but my parents told me it was a really mirthful and unforgettable day. It’s regrettable that they didn’t take any pictures of the celebration.

Besides my birth, there was another big event. My parents bought their first house! They didn’t have their own house until I was born because before then they couldn’t save enough money for a house. They worked so hard in order to have a home which belongs to them and finally they made it. My dad said it was one of his achievements in his life. Although the house is not big, they got it on their own. By the way, we still live in this house, which is small but full of memories…

    I would never forget this wonderful memory. In junior high school, almost all of the 9th graders would join the most interesting activity in school: the graduation excursion! I believe most of students have great memories just like me. Although I have had a trip in elementary school, the one I’m going to share was totally different.

    It was a three-day trip. There were only 20 students in my class, so the group is much smaller than the one in elementary school. One of the advantages of small group was that we could have more time to see what we want to see and we didn’t need to spend time waiting for one another; therefore, the trip went smoothly. On the way to our first destination, we were singing, talking and eating on the bus. Everyone was so excited that we didn’t even notice we had arrived. Before the trip I had never been to any of spots on the schedule, so everything was so fresh to me. We went to the museum, the amusement park, Kenting National Park and Ocean Park……I treasured every moment because I seldom had chances to take a trip.

    It was so much fun traveling with my best friends. We went everywhere and did everything like talking and laughing together. After these three days, it seemed that we became closer than before. Even though we didn’t go to the greatest destinations, live in the best hotel or eat the best food, I still love this trip. I would never forget this journey because it saved a special memory for not only me but my friends. That’s our common and unforgettable memory.

     30 years ago. How did my parents meet?
     In Taipei, my mom, who was an 18-year-old young girl, was a worker in a factory. My dad, 5 years older than my mom, was a salesperson in the same company. That was how they met. When Mom first saw dad, she thought he is an honest and kind person, but she was not interested in him then. My dad fell in love with mom at first sight. My mom was a naïve and hard-working girl, maybe that’s why my dad liked her. The next day, my dad started to pursue my mom. After my dad’s pursuit, they started to go on a date 2 weeks later. My mom was really an unsophisticated girl. After all, she was only 18 years old.
     During their dating days, they were just like other young couples. Sometimes they went for a ride on the motorcycle. They liked watching movies so much that they went to see a movie every two weeks. They watched so many movies in the theater, such as Superman, 007 and King Kong. They seemed very happy then.
     After one year, my grandpa thought it was time for my parents to get married, so my dad asked mom to marry him. Of course, she said yes. My mom was the 4th girlfriend of dad but my dad was my mom’s first boyfriend. I think it’s pretty unbelievable that my mom would marry to the first boyfriend she had. I asked her why she would get married at the age of 19 and with her first boyfriend. She said one of the reasons was that her family was poor. Her parents had to work so hard to raise five daughters. If she got married earlier, my grandparents wouldn’t need to bear so many burdens. They got married and had the first baby the next year. That’s my sister. And the rest is history……


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